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Erasmus+ internships abroad

with Build your future

Welcome to Build your future, a program funded by the European Union.

Created to make internships abroad accessible for all, we help young people 
find quality placements and provide scholarships to finance their stay.

Learn more about our program below.


What we do is completely free for everyone - schools, organisations, participants.
All expenses are covered by EU funding to create full accessibility. 


Erasmus+ is a powerful tool supporting the EU to be united in diversity.
An internship abroad is probably the most international experience a student can have. 


Inclusivity is in the heart of our program. Everything we do is personalised to the individual needs of our partners. 
No matter where you started, we will get you where you want to go. 


Preparing for an internship abroad is a serious job. It includes tons of paperwork, hours of selection procedures and a significant amount of organisation.
We are here to take over all of that. 


study abroad_internship


students & fresh graduates

It is never too early to start  thinking about your career. 

leave abroad_travel build your future


university & college

Encourage your students to get practical experience. 



companies, startups, NGOs...

Make your organisation shine with young talents. 


Founder story 

While Erasmus+ is undoubtedly one of the EU’s most successful programs, the number of participants from Belgium is surprisingly small. Inspired to bring greater visibility to Erasmus+ and allow more students to participate, we decided to create a project that helps students and fresh graduates experience high-quality traineeships abroad while benefiting from personalized support and guidance. Sadly, the Covid-19 pandemic made reaching our objectives difficult, significantly limiting international mobility. We witnessed the alteration and cancellation of placements abroad for many of our students. 

A brighter future

Nevertheless, we made a plan to keep improving the way things work. We started to organize in-person and online presentations, reaching more than 500 students. We developed informal partnerships with student associations to provide information about Erasmus+ mobilities at different campuses. Next, we launched a highly personalized training program and worked with over 50 students. This activity includes one-on-one coaching sessions to improve CVs, motivation letters, and interview practice. There is no doubt that our closest allies are schools and their Erasmus+ Coordinators. We developed a monitoring tool for total transparency where different stages of each students’ journey are available for them to follow.

First success stories 

Most importantly, our first group of students finally started their internships abroad. And that’s not all. Each one of these students received additional support corresponding to their case. For example, besides the Erasmus+ scholarship, one student was granted a financial contribution, doubling his monthly budget. Two other participants received accommodation free of charge, paying attention to their personal and religious preferences, allowing them more financial freedom. In other cases, the host organization covered the cost of public transport and provided meal vouchers. 

What keeps us going

We comprehend the amount of time, energy, resources, and compassion invested in every one of these students

Our goal is to teach participants how to be independent. Still, we must advocate for their interests while finalizing each mobility detail and keep them safe once they are abroad. We started 2022 with ambitious but realistic objectives. We can feel that the interest in Erasmus+ internships is once again growing. Our team continues the work of preparing, monitoring, and evaluating the traineeship experience of our students. 

Where are we headed 

We will hopefully be able to increase face-to-face sessions with participants, schools, potential partners, and other stakeholders. Our project will remain open for new schools to join and explore the valuable possibilities that a partnership can bring to their students. Finally, we will stay on top of recent social media trends to reach our most important audience: young people wanting to discover Europe and experience its values. 

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Are you interested to know more about our project? You can contact our team via email at Our project manager, Chloé, will get back to you shortly. 

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