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Covid-19: Why should you still complete an internship abroad?

The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented situation for everyone and especially for students. Most of the time, mobility abroad is an integral part of a successful curriculum and can, unfortunately, be impacted. Obviously, the purpose of mobility is also to travel, to involve in another culture, discover another country… Online work is not supposed to be that ubiquitous. However, let’s be resilient! We found 5 good reasons for you to still complete an internship abroad.

Enhance your employability

An internship abroad is the most exciting way to make your CV stand out. By leaving you will improve your language skills but not only… According to a report by the Erasmus+ agency, more than 80% of learners feel that their self-confidence, serenity, open-mindedness and adaptability have been strengthened. Besides, professional skills as problem-solving skills and their autonomy has been developed.

Broaden your network management

Open-mindedness and multiculturalism are important skills as well for your personal development as in a professional environment. One Erasmus+ opportunity can open you the doors of many other kinds of professional experiences. By interning abroad, you will cultivate a community of international colleagues and professionals that you can reach out to for years to come. Now, that’s called a global network!

Learn new intercultural competences even through online work

Internationalisation is a real asset on your resume for recruiters. Working abroad with a different system in a language that is not your mother tongue will allow you to stand out. It will attract the attention of recruiters who will give priority to your application. In organisations, adaptability is a much appreciated quality. At the interview, show them how you worked and what you implemented during your Erasmus+ internship!

European frontiers are still opened

Have you always wanted to discover cultures? To travel across a new country? To live enriching experiences? To get out of your comfort zone? All this is still possible: Don’t give up on your dreams and keep travelling! In most European countries, you can move freely around the country. This is the opportunity to discover the surrounding cities and regions.

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Improve your self development

Going abroad contributes to your personal development. It is an opportunity to learn to discover yourself and to gain maturity. You will approach issues differently while learning to put them into perspective. You'll learn how to cope and find solutions on your own. By improving your autonomy you will know how to integrate into a new environment and will be able to manage all kinds of situations in the future!

Still not inspired? Are you wondering how to deal with Covid situation once abroad? Check out how Build your future can help you to feel secure to leave!

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