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We understand that finding and starting an internship might feel overwhelming. That's why we have an entire support system in place. You can leave us your contact details, and a member of our team will get in touch with you shortly to set up an introductory call. We don't believe that young people should pay for internships, so it makes sense that our services are completely free.
There are no hidden fees, and you can be sure that we will never ask you for money throughout this process. On the contrary, we will support you with an Erasmus+ scholarship to cover your travel and living expenses. 

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Students  from all study fields are eligible to apply for our program, provided that they are enrolled in a graduate degree. Candidates need to register before their graduation date, and the traineeship has to take place within one year from graduation


Partnerships with schools - French-speaking community


Our project is funded by the European Union, which means we follow specific eligibility rules. We operate within the French-speaking educational system of Belgium, and therefore students from schools and universities belonging to this community are welcome to join our program. 


Currently, we work with the University of Saint-Louis, as well as three social promotion schools: EAFC-Uccle, EAFC Jean Meunier and Centre de formation pour les secteurs infirmier et de santé (de l'ACN) - CPSI. 

If your school is part of the French-speaking education system in Belgium but is not yet a member of our program, feel free to send us a message, and we will explore the possibilities for them to take part. 


Partnerships with schools - Flemish-speaking community


If your school is part of the Flemish-speaking education system in Belgium, we advise you to visit the website of our colleagues at Students on the move, who can help you get an Erasmus+ scholarship for your internship abroad.




We have great flexibility when it comes to countries eligible for the program. You can select a destination within or outside the European Union. The complete list of countries is available here


Internship placement 


All public and private organizations active in the labor market or the domain of diplomacy, education, training, and youth work are eligible. EU institutions, including Erasmus+ National Agencies, are not eligible. We will equip our students with the necessary skills to find a great internship abroad




Internships must last at least two months to be eligible for funding. The maximum duration is six months, but an extension for another six months is possible in some instances. Students can spend a maximum of 12 months on mobility through Erasmus+ (study or traineeship) per study cycle (bachelor's/master's/PhD). The period of your internship must also respect your commitment to classes and exams. 


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We believe that every student and fresh graduate should have the opportunity of doing an internship abroad. As part of our program, you will benefit from an Erasmus+ scholarship to help with your travel and accommodation expenses. The scholarship varies between 640  and 1000 euros monthly. Depending on the destination and your personal needs, you might be eligible for an extra travel grant. The exact amount of your scholarship will depend on the selected country, length of stay, and other factors. Living abroad is a serious financial commitment. To make the program more accessible, students from disadvantaged backgrounds will receive a higher scholarship. 

Students with less opportunities
Program countries
Partner countries
Travel expenses
50€ for eco-responsible transport
23 to 1500€ based on the km calculator



You are currently enrolled at a French-speaking higher education institution and your school is part of our program


You want to do an internship abroad 


You are available to stay for minimum 2 months 

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